The Brazos Valley Boys were created in 1946 by country music Hall of Fame legend, the late Hank Thompson, in his hometown of Waco, Texas. Since their inception the Brazos Valley Boys (BVB) have defied musical convention. They have been trend-setters and that practice continues today with their dynamic, innovative style. The BVB incorporate the American musical art forms of country, jazz, Dixieland, blues and big-band swing to produce their own brand of western swing music: an energetic, eclectic style that has broad appeal.

Along the way the BVB have become one of the most honored bands in musical history. Honors include BILLBOARD MAGAZINE’S "Touring Band of the Year"---14 YEARS IN A ROW! In 2004 the Brazos Valley Boys were the FIRST BAND to ever be inducted, as a unit, into the WESTERN SWING MUSIC HALL OF FAME!

Some of the finest musicians and biggest names in western swing music have graced the stage and recording studio as Brazos Valley Boys. They have come from diverse musical backgrounds including jazz, country and the big swing bands and have brought their unique talents to the BVB sound. Today’s BVB continue that tradition with their own trademark contemporary sound and extraordinary talent.

"I've had the opportunity to hear the Brazos Valley Boys several times, and I've always come away impressed with a lot of things: the virtuosity of the members, their mastery of styles ranging from classic country to big-band pop, their uncluttered but creative arrangements, the infectious energy and fun they have together on stage. Western swing music may have been created more than 70 years ago, but there are still a few bands out there good enough to be doing exciting new things with it, while remaining true to its style and spirit. You can put the Brazos Valley Boys right at the top of that short but influential list."

John Wooley, entertainment writer, Tulsa World

"I’ve always been proud that Brazos Valley Boys is synonymous with quality western swing music. That legacy is perpetuated today and will be into the future by Morey and the Brazos Valley Boys."

Hank Thompson, (from 2006),  Member Country Music Hall of Fame