BVB at Lincoln Center

The Brazos Valley Boys have a long and rich history.  The beginning of the band was around 1946 and started as a traditional country group.  It was when Billy Gray and Hank Thompson combined forces in the late 40’s that produced one of the best western swing bands on the planet.  There have been many world-class musicians that came from varied musical backgrounds.  The result was creative and entertaining music that gives the current band membership a strong foundation.

During what would become Hank Thompson’s last recording session, with several of the members of the BVB gathered around Hank for words of wisdom on a break between songs,  Gary Sullivan and Mike Moore reflected on that conversation:  “Hank reminded Morey of a conversation he had earlier with Morey in Nevada that he—Hank—wanted Morey and the Brazos Valley Boys to continue his legacy and keep on playing music—as good as it can be and be yourselves.  I can’t do this damn job forever, and you boys have got to take it into the future”, said Gary and Mike.  Hank was quoted on the 60th BVB CD cover: “I’ve always been proud that the Brazos Valley Boys is synonymous with quality western swing music.  That legacy is perpetuated today and will be into the future by Morey and the Brazos Valley Boys”.

Through the years the BVB have earned several awards.  They were named "The #1 Western Swing Band in America” for 14 years in a row from the music industry publication Cash Box Magazine.  No other group has come close.  The Southwest Western Swing Association presented them with the “Hall of Fame Band Award”.  The first time a group or band was so honored.  Individually, all current BVB’s are members of major Western Swing Music Association Halls of Fame around the U.S.  Morey said, “we live on the shoulders of those great Brazos Valley Boys before us.  We have a responsibility to the fans and to those musicians to be the best we can be”.



Morey with drummer Tommy Perkins.jpg
Morey Sullivan and Tommy Perkins

Backstage in Vegas with friends actors James Reynolds and Lissa Laang
Jim Reynolds, Morey Sullivan, and Lissa Reynolds.

Western Swing Music Society of the Southwest Hall of Fame Award

On Board ship with Johnny Gimble.jpg
David Thayer, Johnny Gimble, and Morey Sullivan.

Mike Hylton
Mike Hylton

BVB Onstage at the Legends of Western Swing

Joe Settlemires, Gary Sullivan and Morey Sullivan